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Every year, millions of good books are pulped by the book industry’s big distribution companies when they are returned by retail outlets and on-line stores. Last month, we purchased another pallet of "damaged" books from our distributor before they were destroyed. 


The majority of returns in the book industry come from Amazon, but small retailers are also forced to send good books to the landfill. Why? 


While Amazon and Barnes & Noble receive great rates from the industry’s big distributors, small bookstores are squeezed–their margins are substantially smaller. For a small bookstore, selling a new book is only profitable when you sell it at full price. It’s impossible to compete with Amazon’s prices, and returning unsold stock is the only way to ensure that you aren’t losing money. 


We pay to save our books from the landfill to challenge the absurd capitalistic logic forcing booksellers everywhere to destroy perfectly good books. We offer them back to our readers at a discount to mitigate large losses and to get radical books into more hands. 


Most major publishers have little physical contact with their stock, but our warehousing experience gives us the expertise and space to find good homes for these slightly damaged, but perfectly readable books. 


Some look just like new books out of the box, but expect a bent corner or two, maybe a little grit, or residue of some long-lost label. So, pick up a few great books cheap while helping us fight back against capitalist profligacy.


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valid until 8/1/2024

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