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“Everything for everyone.” Those three little words carry a huge amount of power.

They suggest the outline of a different sort of world. And by doing that, they offer us a perspective to shape the way we carry on our day-to-day struggles. Our lives (and loves) are never abstract: they happen in gritty everyday reality and it’s here where our struggles begin. We fight against these cuts, those bosses, this government. We organise against this event, those dynamics, this model… Along the way it’s easy to lose sight of our ultimate goal, so it’s crucial to have some horizon, a way to lift our eyes from the here-and-now and see the wider picture. Eyes on the prize. “Everything for everyone” acts as a reminder of just what it is that we want to do…

Pick up a hard enamel discreet pin (just 15mm wide) that is also utterly unyielding…

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