Raising Hell

SKU: 9781604868104
Author: Norman Spinrad
Publisher: PM Press / Outspoken Authors
ISBN: 9781604868104
Published: 7/2014
Format: Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 7.5
Page count: 128
Subjects: Science Fiction

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As an ambitious, alienated, and awesomely talented kid from the Bronx, Norman Spinrad rode the revolutionary “New Wave” of 1960s science fiction to fame, if not fortune. His usually angry, often hilarious, and always radical novels changed the field forever. Once devoted to interplanetary adventure, SF began to explore the uneasy intersection between today’s illusions and tomorrow’s dystopian disasters. It grew dark, grew wild, grew up.

An all-new novella designed to take a poke at both Christian fundamentalists and corporate CEOs, Raising Hell is a rousing account of the fight to improve working conditions in Hell, for both demons and the damned, with the help of such deceased immortals as Jimmy Hoffa, John L. Lewis, and César Chávez.

“The Abnormal New Normal,” an impolite inquiry into today’s high-finance low-jinks, which unmasks the manipulations of the 1% and proposes a radical fix.

And Featuring: our Outspoken Interview, the usual mix of intimate revelation, gossip, and tales from the front lines of writing and publishing.


“Norman Spinrad, one of the sacred heroes of my coming-of-age as a writer, has never quit redefining his role as dissident and sage, inviting the bullies of the present moment outside for a throwdown, and somehow also conjuring possible futures despite all the odds against those—he’s that most miraculous of creatures, a Utopianist’s Dystopianist.”
—Jonathan Lethem

“Spinrad is without a doubt one of the best contemporary American novelists. Endowed with an acuity as terrifying as it is pertinent.”
Rolling Stone

“Norman Spinrad, like his characters, takes great risks; the rewards for readers willing to meet him halfway are commensurate.”
New York Times Book Review

“Norman Spinrad is a hip, worldly, high-tech Nostradamus whose engaging predictions are occurring on CNN as you turn his pages.”
—Timothy Leary

“Norman Spinrad has a rich and passionate imagination. At once subtle and humane, he’s a very fine writer indeed, working at the peak of his gifts.”
—Greg Bear

About Norman Spinrad:

One of the original gang who created science fiction’s controversial “New Wave” in the 1960s, New Yorker Norman Spinrad is SF’s original outlaw, known for his often hilarious and always fearless attacks on the sacred cows of both the Right and the Left. Alternately censored and celebrated for his novels (including The Iron Dream and Bug Jack Barron), he has also written for the original Star Trek and twice served as president of the Science Fiction Writers of America.

See and hear author interviews, book reviews, and other news on Norman Spinrad's page HERE

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