Abolish Restaurants: A Worker's Critique of the Food Service Industry

SKU: 9781604860481
Author: Prole.info
Publisher: PM Press
Published: 6/2010
ISBN: 9781604860481
Format: Pamphlet
Page count: 60
Size: 8.5 x 5.5
Subjects: Labor, Politics-Activism

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A 60-page illustrated guide to the daily misery, stress, boredom, and alienation of restaurant work, as well as the ways restaurant workers fight against it. Drawing on a range of anticapitalist ideas as well as a heaping plate of personal experience, it is part analysis and part call-to-arms.

About Prole.info:

The author is an anonymous worker whose writings and illustrations can be found on www.prole.info. “Prole” is short for “proletarian” a word used by Karl Marx to describe the working class under capitalism. We are all the people in this society who do not own property or a business we can make money from, and therefore have to sell our time and energy to a boss—we are forced to work. Our work is the basis of this society.

See and hear author interviews, book reviews, and other news on Prole.info's page HERE

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