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We all know that no one's going to smash the state or make the world a better place by buying one of these mugs. However, in a small way, you will be supporting radical publishing and independent bookstores. This two-sided mug features the PM Press printing press logo on one side, and indie bookstore Autumn Leaves on the other. If you're looking for a vessel to house your favorite beverage, this one will do the trick. Really, what else can we say? It's a mug, fer chrissake. You gotta put your coffee or tea in something... So, why not this?!

When in Ithaca, NY be sure to visit Autumn Leaves Books.

"I brewed a pot of Ty-Phoo Extra Strong and poured it into this PM mug, and I'll be damned if it didn't help convey the liquid from the teapot to my mouth! It worked just as advertised. Five Stars! How did I ever live without it before?" – Dan F., Fremont, CA*

*Actual Review

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