Vancouvered Out

SKU: 9782982223608
Author: Norman Nawrocki
Publisher: Les Pages Noires
ISBN: 9782982223608
Published: 03/2024
Format: Paperback
Size: 5 x 7.5
Page count: 120
Subjects: Gentrification, Housing Rights, Resistance

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Vancouvered Out, Norman Nawrocki’s new novella, is a dramatic and timely story about roots, gentrification, housing rights, community and the fight for a city. We see it through the eyes of Steve, a poor and unemployed East Ender. Demons and drug dealers drove him out of town ten years earlier in 2004. Now he’s back seeking a new life and answers to the mysterious death of his teen daughter. But in this coastal paradise he once called home, he feels strangely out-of-place. As the love of family and friends stokes his own smouldering defiance of the new soul-destroying urban order, he aches for justice and a liveable city for all.

Vancouvered Out shimmers with rage and tenderness, in Nawrocki’s inimitable, bare-knuckled style. He is both a scene painter and a modern-day haruspex, rendering the entrails of the city we once knew, and mirroring its sordid portents in its glass towers.” ­– Christina Shah,author of Rig Veda

“As brutal as a back alley OD, Nawrocki takes you places suburbanites fear to go. The destruction of the once-livable Vancouver by greed and corruption is laid bare by its chief victims, the homeless. If Vancouvered Out doesn’t piss you off, you are brain dead.” – Larry Gambone, author of No Regrets: Counter-Culture & Anarchism in Vancouver

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