Various Artists - The Fascist Groove Thing cassette

SKU: TFGTcassette
Published: 2023
Publisher: PM Press
Catalog No: PMA 026-4
Artist: Various Artists
Format: Audio Cassette
Size: 2.75 x 4.25
Length: 63 minutes, 50 seconds
Release Date: July 2023

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This soundtrack compilation to Hugh Hodges' brilliant book The Fascist Groove Thing: A History of Thatcher's Britain in 21 Mixtapes features 20 tracks of classic punk, anarcho-punk and folk from Margaret Thatcher's reign and eventual demise (some quite rare). While intended as a companion to the book this mixtape works equally well on its own. It will help prove that while Thatcher's policies may have been utter crap, the music of this era that came out in response to her was anything but.

Limited to 250 copies on Electric Blue shells



A1.    Crisis - UK '79 (Live 2019)
A2.    Diagram Brothers - My Dinner (1981)
A3.    Metro Youth - Brutalised (1982)
A4.    Sunhumans - Rats (1983)
A5.    The Astronauts - Typically English Day (1983)
A6.    A-Heads - Isolated (1983)
A7.    Icons of Filth - Your Military (1983)
A8.    Anti-System - Government Lies (1983)
A9.    Passion Killers - Judging by Headlines (1984)
A10.  Political Asylum - System of War (1985)
A11.  Chumbawamba - Fitzwilliam (1985)
B1.    Terminus - Propaganda War (1986)
B2.    The Three Johns - Sold Down the River (1986)
B3.    Hippy Slags - Sunlight on the Truncheons (1987)
B4.    Oi Polloi - Nuclear Waste (1987)
B5.    Culture Shock - Northern Ireland (1989)
B6.    Wat Tyler - No ID (1989)
B7.    Citizen Fish - Home Economics (1990)
B8.    Robb Johnson and Pip Collings - Vic Williams (1992)
B9.    Attila The Stockbroker's Barnstormer - Maggots 1, Maggie 0 (2012)

  1. Crisis, “UK 79 (LIVE, 2019).” Previously unreleased. 

  2. Diagram Brothers, “My Dinner.” Originally released on the 10” EP Discordo 45 (1981, New Hormones)

  3. Metro Youth, “Brutalised.” Originally released on the compilation LP Bullshit Detector Two (1982, Crass Records)

  4. Subhumans, “Rats.” Originally released on the 7” EP Rats (1983, Bluurg Records)

  5. The Astronauts, “Typically English Day” Originally released on the LP It’s All Done by Mirrors (All the Madmen Records, 1983)

  6. A-Heads, “Isolated” Originally released on the 7” EP Forgotten Hero (Bluurg Records, 1983)

  7. Icons of Filth, “Your Military.” Originally released on the cassette Not on Her Majesty’s Service (1983, Mortarhate).

  8. Anti-System, “Government Lies.” Originally released on the 7” Defence of the Realm EP (1983, Pax Records)

  9. Passion Killers, “Judging by Headlines.” Originally released on the cassette Motion… Yet Motionless (Peaceville Tapes, 1984)

  10. Political Asylum, “System of War.” Originally released on the 7” EP Winter (Children of the Revolution, 1985)

  11. Chumbawamba, “Fitzwilliam.” Originally released on the miners benefit compilation LP Dig This (A Tribute to the Great Strike (Forward Sounds International,1985)

  12. Terminus, “Propaganda War.” Originally released on the cassette Body Count (3rd Demo) (no label, 1986)

  13. The Three Johns, “Sold Down the River.” Originally released on the LP The World by Storm (Abstract Records, 198 6)

  14. Hippy Slags, “Sunlight on the Truncheons.” Originally released on the 7” compilation Stonehenge (Bluurg Records, 1987) 

  15. Oi Polloi, “Nuclear Waste.” Originally released on the LP Unite and Win (Oi! Records,1987)

  16. Culture Shock, “Northern Ireland.” Originally released on the LP All the Time (Bluurg Records, 1989) 

  17. Wat Tyler, “No ID.” Originally released on the 7” EP Contemporary Farming Issues (Rugger Bugger Discs, 1989)

  18. Citizen Fish, “Home Economics.” Originally released on the LP Free Souls in a Trapped Environment (Bluurg Records, 1990)

  19. Robb Johnson and Pip Collings, “Vic Williams.” Originally released on the LP Overnight (Irregular Records,1992)

  20. Attila the Stockbroker’s Barnstormer, “Maggots 1, Maggie 0.” Originally released on the LP Bankers & Looters (Hupseeln Records, 2012)

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