Worth Fighting For: Bringing the Rojava Revolution Home

SKU: 9781914567216
Author: Jenni Keasden & Natalia Szarek
Publisher: Active Distribution
ISBN: 9781914567216
Published: 2023
Format: Paperback
Size: 5.25 x 7.5
Page count: 264
Subjects: History, Middle East, Kurds

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From the authors:

"We wanted to bring the Rojava revolution home through stories of both the epic and the mundane, through day to day moments in all of their messiness and poetry. In a world where earnestness is looked down on, this book is where we give ourselves permission to fall in love witha revolution. This book is a product of shared moments with hundreds of comrades, of tales hundreds of years old, of the novels we read as children, of militant struggles old and new, and of an ongoing conversation that is happening right now. We didn't start it and we certainly aren't trying to finish it. But the more people contribute the richer we can build the future. This is what we are committed to be a part of.

This is the story of two internationalist volunteers who followed in the footsteps of our friend and comrade Anna Campbell and became part of the Rojava revolution. Anna left her home in England and travelled to northeast Syria – the Rojava region of Kurdistan – to join the women fighters of the YPJ in the battle against the Islamic State. One year later, she was killed in the Turkish invasion of Afrin.

Between us we spent three years there, working alongside Kurdish revolutionaries and other internationalists from around the world, and getting to know the movement that our dear friend decided was worth fighting for.

Witnessing and taking part in a revolution in progress made us all the more determined to bring the lessons of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement home. This book is about some of those lessons, about what it means to struggle for freedom, and to insist on hope even in the darkest of times.

Through stories and reflections , we’ve tried to bring the revolution to life, and translate some of the big ideas of the movement to our context. This is our love letter to revolution, an attempt to build a bridge between worlds, and a call to arms."

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