Letters of Insurgents

SKU: 9780939306053
Author: Sophia Nachalo, Yarostan Vochek, and Fredy Perlman
Publisher: Left Bank Books
ISBN: 9780939306053
Published: 2014 (original edition published 1976, Black & Red Books)
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 724
Subjects: Fiction, Memoir, Revolutionary Critique

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Two individuals living on distant continents resume contact through correspondence. They describe meaningful events and relationships in their lives during the twenty years since their youthful liaison, comparing the choices each took. Yarostan lives in a "workers' republic"; Sophia in a "western democracy". As they both make efforts to lead meaningful lives along the way they encounter bureaucrats, idealists, racists, flaunters of social convention, labor militants, professors, jailors, hucksters and more.

In a series of long letters across the Atlantic, Sophia and Yarostan re-encounter each other after twenty years and find themselves separated by more than just geographic distance. Having taken part in an uprising that shaped their lives powerfully, they are now harshly at odds about that moment's meaning. It turns out that their common experience was anything but, and they will have to reckon with that terrible dissonance. Their struggle to do so becomes a living portrait of the richness, complexity, and tragedy of humans who encounter an insurgent spirit and then are torn by the return to normal life.


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