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Latest Blog Entries

  • 12 Million Black Voices
    Introduction to 12 Million Black Voices, by Richard Wright, photo direction by Edwin Rosskam, Preface by David Bradley
  • Strike!
    [Headnote: As rage and protest spread from Ferguson across the country, writer JoAnn Wypijewski was visiting  Martinsburg, West Virginia, where in 1877 a local conflict initiated a nationwide conflagration -- what became known as the "...
  • "From Ayotzinapa to Ferguson, the State Is Our Enemy"
    This also appears on my blog at and on FireWorks, an anarchist counterinformation project in the Bay Area, at
  • The Legacy That Is Ferguson
    This piece originally appeared on my blog at
  • Gravediggers for Capitalism
    This piece originally appeared on Cindy Milstein's blog at

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