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Joseph Matthews, author of Everyone Has Their Reasons at the Marxist School of Sacramento

Based on the historical record and told through his “letters” from German prisons, the novel begins in 1936, when fifteen-year-old Herschel flees Germany. Penniless and alone, he makes it to Paris where he lives hand-to-mouth, his shadow existence mixing him with the starving and the wealthy, with hustlers, radicals, and seamy sides of Paris nightlife.

Review: Manhattan Book Review
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Listen to Gabriel San Román talking about "Venceremos" on WPFW's Latino Media Collective

Gabriel San Román talks about "Venceremos" on the anniversary of the 9/11 Pinochet coup in Chile, of which Victor Jara was one of the more well known casualties, machine gunned in a soccer stadium.

“Gabriel San Román provides a thoughtful and comprehensive overview of the New Chilean Song Movement. Chile’s music of the 1960s and early 1970s was not only a milestone in Latin American popular culture, its importance transcended the strictly artistic to assume social and political significance. San Román insightfully interweaves the music’s artistic development with Chile’s tumultuous history of those years.“
—James Brennan, professor and chair of history, University of California, Riverside

Listen HERE
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Diana Block talks about Clandestine Occupations on Womens Magazine

"We talk with three women who are exploring ways to make their commitments to social justice and transformation more accessible: novelists Ellen Bravo and Diana Block and dharma teacher and musician Eve Decker.

Ellen Bravo is the author of Again and Again, which looks at the issue of date rape on college campuses, moving back and forth between 1979, when date rape was a new and little understood concept, and 2010, when the rapist is running for Senate.

Diana Block’s new novel, Clandestine Occupations, delves into the same territory as her memoir, Arm The Spirit: A Woman’s Journey Underground and BackClandestine Occupations looks at radical movements of the 1970s through the 2000s and beyond, through the eyes of five different women characters.

Eve Decker is a Buddhist teacher, singer/songwriter, and song leader.  Her new CD is In: Chants of Mindfulness and Compassion.

Listen to Diana Block on KPFA's Womens Magazine HERE
Review: Truthout
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Listen to Ken Wishnia interviewed on Chin Wag At the Slaughterhouse

"Kenneth Wishnia is the author of numerous highly acclaimed novels, among them 23 Shades of Black (and editor of the forthcoming Jewish Noir). His work is imbued with the hybrid knowledge of Noir. An articulate narrator, he is at once both ancient and modern. Kenneth met me at The Slaughterhouse, where we talked about identity and his fictions..."—Richard Godwin, Chin Wag at the Slaughterhouse

Praise for 23 Shades of Black:

“With her sharp tongue, quick mind, and stubborn will, Filomena Buscarseal is the ultimate New Yorker: a cop, a woman, an immigrant who has made the city her own.”
—Linda Landrigan, editor of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

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More Audio

Looking for Freedom: A Celebration of the Music of Jon Fromer
SKU: 9781629631240
Looking for Freedom: A Celebration of the Music of Jon Fromer
Jon and Reed Fromer
This CD is a tribute to the San Francisco folk/blues artist whose soulful singing style and original songs about work, love, struggle, and triumph helped fuel movements for peace, human rights, and social justice.

Songs of Freedom (CD)
SKU: 9781604868319
Songs of Freedom (CD)
The James Connolly Songs of Freedom Band
Far from the archival preservation of embalmed corpses, the inspired performance of a rocking band turns the timeless lyrics of James Connolly into timely manifestos for today’s young rebels.

Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook
SKU: 9781604868326
Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook
Utah Phillips
Starlight on the Rails is the most complete collection of Utah’s songs ever released. Spanning 30 years of studio, live, and unreleased recordings this set includes Utah’s reflections about each song.

The Liberty Tree: A Celebration of the Life and Writings of Thomas Paine
SKU: 9781604863390
The Liberty Tree: A Celebration of the Life and Writings of Thomas Paine
Leon Rosselson and Robb Johnson
A unique blend of words and music that reflect on Thomas Paine’s life and writings, connecting them to the challenges of the 21st century.

The Mafia Principle of Global Hegemony (CD): The Middle East, Empire, and Activism
SKU: 9781604863048
The Mafia Principle of Global Hegemony (CD): The Middle East, Empire, and Activism
Noam Chomsky
The world’s most influential living intellectual, Noam Chomsky, holds forth on the root causes of the conflicts in the Middle East, and talks about hopes for future social change.

The World Turned Upside Down: Rosselsongs 1960–2010
SKU: 9781604864984
The World Turned Upside Down: Rosselsongs 1960–2010
Leon Rosselson
The life and times of England’s greatest living songwriter are captured in a deluxe box set containing 72 songs on 4 CDs and an 80-page book.

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