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Gabriel Kuhn speaking on Stand UP Fight Back podcast about the story of the Blekingegade Group

"The story of the Blekingegade Group is one of the most puzzling and captivating chapters from the European anti-imperialist milieu of the 1970s and ’80s. Turning Money into Rebellion: The Unlikely Story of Denmark’s Revolutionary Bank Robbers is the first-ever account of the story in English...We talk about the political analysis of these revolutionaries, of the importance of their story for present day organizing, and why the bank robbers themselves are speaking out now." —Stand Up Fight Back podcast

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Alex Ogg's Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables " a riveting read..."

"...Dead Kennedys is a riveting read, concise without being academic. It captures the era and the spirit of the times perfectly. Alex Ogg maintains a stoic patience until the appendix, where he shows a slight bias in favour of Ray and Klaus’ claims for writing credits on the album. I’m sure Jello’s lawyers will be in touch shortly after publication."—Mark Diston, The Register.UK

"...The book's authenticity is further enhanced by interviews with main players, photos from the archives of Search & Destroy's Ruby Ray, and rare memorabilia diligently sourced from the global underground punk network by designer Russ Bestley. The band's original artist Winston Smith supplies his ininmitable cover designs and flyers, crucially allowing the famous DK logo to adorn what will stand as the ultimate document on this seminal band. 8 out of 10." —Kris Needs, Classic Rock Magazine

Review: The Register.UK
Review: Classic Rock Magazine
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Gabriel San Román Interview on Ghoulish Time speaking out Venceremos

When the socialist politician Salvador Allende dramatically won Chile’s presidential election in 1970, a powerful cultural movement accompanied him to power. Folk singers emerged at the forefront, proving that music could help forge the birth of a new society. As the CIA actively funded opposition media against Allende during his campaign, the New Chilean Song Movement rose to prominence, viscerally persuading voters with its music. Víctor Jara, a central protagonist at the time, became an icon in Chile, Latin America, and beyond for his revolutionary lyrics and life. Inti-Illimani, Quilapayún, and other musicians contributed by singing before audiences of workers outside factories or campesinos in Chile’s rural countryside.

A short cultural history, “Venceremos“ charts the development of the movement from the years before Allende’s victorious campaign to the brutal U.S.-backed military coup on September 11, 1973, that overthrew his presidency and imposed the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet. Featuring interviews from key figures and lyrical analysis, “Venceremos“ gives insight into how the New Chilean Song Movement’s revolutionary anthems came to be.

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Randal Doane Interviewed on New Books in Pop Music

"Books about the Clash are typically weighty affairs. Oral history coffee table book The Clash is nearly 400 pages and tips the scales at approximately five pounds. Chris Salewicz’s Redemption Song: The Ballad of Joe Strummer is more than 600 pages long, while Marcus Gray’s Route 19 Revisited: The Clash and London Calling focuses primarily on just one album and still tops out around 500 pages.

And then on the other end of the spectrum there’s the new Stealing All Transmissions: A Secret History of the Clash by Randal Doane. Discounting its foreword, notes, and index, the tome is only a shade more than 130 pages in length but pound for pound, it’s one of the best things anyone has ever written about the group. It’s at least in the same league as the brilliant Route 19 Revisited." —Adam Ellsworth, Arts Fuse

Listen HERE
Review: Arts Fuse
Review: PJ Lifestyle
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The World Turned Upside Down: Rosselsongs 1960-2010
SKU: 9781604864984
The World Turned Upside Down: Rosselsongs 1960-2010
The life and times of England's greatest living songwriter are captured in a deluxe box set containing 72 songs on 4 CDs and an 80-page book.

War and Civil Disobedience  (Compact Disc)
SKU: 9781604860993
War and Civil Disobedience (Compact Disc)
Delivered in the context of the current US war in Iraq, this is a scintillating lecture and discussion by the legendary teacher, historian, playwright, and activist Howard Zinn.

Songs of Freedom (CD)
SKU: 9781604868319
Songs of Freedom (CD)
Far from the archival preservation of embalmed corpses, the inspired performance of a rocking band turns the timeless lyrics of James Connolly into timely manifestos for today's young rebels.

Blackwater: Mercenary Army (Compact Disc)
SKU: 9781604861013
Blackwater: Mercenary Army (Compact Disc)
Award winning journalist Jeremy Scahill takes us from the bloodied streets of Iraq to hurricane-ravaged New Orleans to the chambers of power in Washington, to expose Blackwater as the frightening new face of the U.S. war machine.

The Liberty Tree: A Celebration of the Life and Writings of Thomas Paine
SKU: 9781604863390
The Liberty Tree: A Celebration of the Life and Writings of Thomas Paine
A unique blend of words and music that reflect on Thomas Paine's life and writings, connecting them to the challenges of the 21st century.

The Meaning of Freedom
SKU: 9781604861020
The Meaning of Freedom
Angela Davis talks about the history of slavery, the struggles for freedom, and their implications for life in the U.S. today in a speech given on the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade.

1492-1992: The Legacy of Columbus
SKU: 9781604865011
1492-1992: The Legacy of Columbus
In this instant classic, recorded on the eve of the quincentennial, legendary historian Howard Zinn returns to the themes he popularized in his masterful A People's History of the United States.

Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook
SKU: 9781604868326
Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook
Starlight on the Rails is the most complete collection of Utah Phillips’s songs ever released. Spanning 30 years of studio, live, and unreleased recordings this definitive set includes Utah’s personal reflections about each song.

A Black & White Statement: The Story of the Rondos
SKU: 9781604863215
A Black & White Statement: The Story of the Rondos
An amazing boxed set box with two CDs and four books, which together tell the story of the Rondos from the period 1978-1980

Cazzarola! CD: Musical Soundtrack for the novel of the same name
SKU: CazzarolaCD
Cazzarola! CD: Musical Soundtrack for the novel of the same name
Cazzarola! is original & traditional music, songs & words either inspired by or related to the novel, CAZZAROLA! Anarchy, Romani, Love, Italy by Norman Nawrocki.

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