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There are a few ways to get hold of us here at PM Press. The most direct is definitely by email, at Alternatively you can call us at 510-658-3906 or send us mail at

Mike FisherPM Press
PO Box 23912
Oakland, CA 94623

If it’s not a general comment or question, the links below might be helpful:

SCHEDULING PM AUTHORS and ARTISTS FOR EVENTS: just get in touch with the hard-working and versatile people here at PM by emailing

PM MAILIING LIST: Just enter your email in the box to the left, and click Go!

SUBMISSIONS: Please click here.

VOLUNTEER: To get involved or volunteer with PM, please click here.

PROBLEMS: Problems with the website? Email
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PM is also out there on the social network circuits in a pretty shameless way, so you can stay in touch with us that way as well! In the immortal words of Chumbawamba, would you like to add us as a friend?


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In addition to our direct online store, PM Press releases are available everywhere fine books are sold.

PM Press releases are distributed to the book trade via Independent Publishers Group. For bookstore, library, course text, or wholesale orders, please contact IPG:

CALL TOLL-FREE: (800) 888-IPG1 (4741)
In the UK/Europe:

PM Press releases are distributed to the book trade in the UK and Europe via Turnaround Publisher Services. For more information or orders, contact Turnaround here:

Turnaround Publisher Services
Unit 3, Olympia Trading Estate, Coburg Road,
London N22 6TZ
Tel: 020-8829 3000


For mail order and non-booktrade orders in the UK/Europe contact Active Distribution:

Active Distribution,

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