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    SKU: 9781629637846
    Editor: Adrian Shanker
    Bodies and Barriers illuminates the ubiquitous health challenges LGBT people experience throughout their lives and challenges the conventional wisdom about health care delivery.

    SKU: 9781629637167
    Gabriel Kuhn
    The highly anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed Sober Living for the Revolution continues the reconnaissance of straight edge culture and how it overlaps with radical politics.

    SKU: 9781629637136
    Simone Zelitch
    An alternate history where a Jewish state has been created in the German region of Saxony.

    SKU: 9781629637112
    Nisi Shawl
    In these previously uncollected stories, Shawl explores the unexpected horizons (and corners) opened up by SF and fantasy’s new diversity.

    SKU: 9781629637099
    Editor: John Mink
    A collection of the voices of activist educators from around the world who engage inside and outside the classroom from pre-kindergarten to university and emphasize teaching radical practice from the field.

    SKU: 9781629637082
    Dan Arel
    This book is for those who lack belief in a god and who are seeking guidance on raising freethinkers and social-justice-aware children in a nation where public dialogue has been controlled by the Christian Right.

    SKU: 9781629637068
    Silvia Federici
    Federici surveys the paradigms that govern how the body is conceived and the disciplinary regimes state and capital are deploying in response to mounting revolt against the daily attacks on our everyday reproduction.

    SKU: 9781629637051
    Editor: Dani Burlison
    This book covers topics of justice, creativity, racism, transgender perspectives, sexuality, sex work, addiction, reproductive rights, assault, relationship dynamics, families, radical self-care, witchcraft, and more.

    SKU: 9781629637044
    Editor: International Initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan—Peace in Kurdistan”
    Featured in this extraordinary volume are over a dozen contributors whose ideas have been investigated in Öcalan’s own writings.

    SKU: 9781629637037
    Ian Brennan
    A powerful exploration of the challenges facing art, music, and media in the digital era.

    SKU: 9781629637624
    Mat Callahan and Yvonne Moore
    A collection of American working-class, pre–World War II folk songs.

    SKU: 9781629636498
    Robert Fraga
    A chronicle from the inside of colorful characters struggling to save their village from NAFTA, local Juárez developers, terrifying drug cartels, violent cholo gangs, and corrupt politicians on both sides of the border.

    SKU: 9781629636412
    Editor: Chaz Bufe
    A compilation of wide-ranging texts, both hilarious and horrifying, on atheism, belief, and religion.

    SKU: 9781629635248
    Editors: Andrew Nette and Iain McIntyre
    This book tracks the changing politics and culture of the period and how it was reflected in pulp and popular fiction in the US, UK, and Australia from the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s.

    SKU: 9781629636481
    John P. Clark
    Between Earth and Empire explores specific examples to present a vision of hope for social and ecological regeneration.

    SKU: 9781629636399
    David Ranney
    David Ranney’s vivid memoir describes his work experiences between 1976 and 1982 in the factories of southeast Chicago and northwest Indiana.

    SKU: 9781629636443
    Michael Fine
    Julia, an American medical doctor fleeing her privileged background, and Carl whose experiences as a black man in the U.S. led him to volunteer in Africa come together as Liberia is gripped in a brutal civil war.

    SKU: 9781629636382
    Jenny Brown
    In the U.S., women have not yet realized their potential bargaining position. When they do, it will lead to new strategies for winning full access to abortion and birth control, and for improved working conditions for parents.

    SKU: asgadsenshirt
    Anarcho-Syndicalist Gadsden "Don't Tread on Us" union-made black shirt with red ink.

    SKU: molotovshirt
    "Cocktail Anyone?" Ten Years of Literary Molotovs PM Press Anniversary union-made black shirt with off-white text.

    SKU: 9781629635743
    Vyvian Raoul and Matt Bonner• Introduction: Josh MacPhee
    Advertising Shits in Your Head calls adverts what they are—a powerful means of control through manipulation—and highlights how people across the world are fighting back.

    SKU: 9781629635156
    Editors: John Holloway, Katerina Nasioka, and Panagiotis Doulos
    The essays in this collection reflect on the experience of the crisis in Greece and its political implications for the whole world.

    SKU: edimdshirt
    "No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA" union-made black shirt with white text.

    SKU: 9781629632353
    Franco La Cecla
    After demolishing the myth of the rock star architect with his book Against Architecture, Franco La Cecla now explores the decisive challenges that cities are going to have to confront in the near future.

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