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Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines editors guest-host The Laura Flanders Show

Inspired by the legacy of radical and queer black feminists of the 1970s and ’80s, Revolutionary Mothering places marginalized mothers of color at the center of a world of necessary transformation. The challenges we face as movements working for racial, economic, reproductive, gender, and food justice, as well as anti-violence, anti-imperialist, and queer liberation are the same challenges that many mothers face every day.

How to Understand Mother as a Verb This Mother’s Day and Always: The Nation 
Listen to Revolutionary Mothering editors on The Marc Steiner Show

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The Spitboy Rule reviewed on Feministing, Hip Mama, KQED Arts, & Latino Rebels.

"We are all punks, but we are not all punks the same.” Nguyen’s introduction captures the sometimes invisible differences in punk communities at the heart of Spitboy,
I think there are echoes of this sentiment in feminism more broadly. We are all feminists, but we are not all the same. Feminism has done its fair share of excluding intersectional approaches to issues such as race, sexuality, class, ability, migration status, etc. It is that difference within community that is essential and heartbreaking in Gonzales’s journey."—Chanelle Adams, Feministing

Watch Michelle at the 11/4/15 Punk Panel in Oakland, CA
Review: KQED Arts
Review: Bitch Magazine
Listen to Michelle on La Raza
Review: Hip Mama
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May Day and Peter Linebaugh on Al Jazeera, Democracy Now! and more!

"May Day is about affirmation, the love of life, and the start of spring, so it has to be about the beginning of the end of the capitalist system of exploitation, oppression, war, and overall misery, toil, and moil.” So writes celebrated historian Peter Linebaugh in an essential compendium of reflections on the reviled, glorious, and voltaic occasion of May 1st..."


Watch Peter Linebaugh on Al Jazeera
Watch Peter on Democracy Now!
Watch Peter on The Laura Flanders Show
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"This collection on birth is truly rare and precious." —Squat Magazine


"Break out the tissues and breathe deeply. Alana Apfel imbues Birth Work As Care Work with intimacy, empathy, and buckets of love.

I had the great honor to witness the development of this anthology. While working towards our Master’s degrees in Anthropology and Social Change at California Institute of Integral Studies, I cried tears of awe on many a train ride as I read the drafts of these stories..." —Angela Anderson, SQUAT

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  • Gwangju 518 and the Future of Global Democracy
    This is the acceptance speech George gave for the 2016 Kim Dae Jung Scholar's Prize for Contributions to Peace, Democracy and Human Rights on the Korean Peninsula  
  • An End of Power?
    We are entering a period where the social structures and mechanisms that have channeled and controlled power for the past few hundred years are shifting radically. In The End of Power, Venezuelan politician and former director of the World Bank...
  • The Global Perspective
    The former Blekingegade Group member Torkil Lauesen presents a new study on imperialism, global capitalism, and the Left’s possibilities of resistance.
  • Khadija Ismayilova freed
    Azerbaijani investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova has been freed from prison.
  • Reflections on a Delegation to Imprisoned Palestine
     At the end of March 2016, I was part of a nineteen-member Prisoner Solidarity and Labor Delegation that traveled from the United States, the country with the largest number of prisoners in the ...
  • No Child Left Unmarketized
    Eliminate compulsory schooling, government operation of and government financing of schools except for financial assistance to the indigent.  The market would then have full rein.Milton Friedman
  • Left Forum 2016
    PM Press and our authors are bringing the noise to Left Forum in NYC from May 20th to 22nd. Here's your guide to all the panels you need for this year's conference!
  • Ten Ways to Challenge Capitalism's Death Grip on Daily Life
    In order to deal with the climate crisis and have more satisfying lives, we need to build economies that consume fewer natural resources. In other words, we need to build a "solidarity economy" based on worker-owned cooperatives, self-pr...
  • “…because my sister and I were very close”
    Today is the fortieth anniversary of the death in of RAF founding member Ulrike Meinhof.  To mark the anniversary, former RAF member Ron Augustin interviewed Ulrike’s sister Wienke.
  • Shopping in the Security State
    Most people would likely consider the idea that their shopping practices serve to advance the security state absurd, but they would be wrong.  The interconnection between security concerns and shopping is more than ideological, it’s pra...
  • The Commons and the Centennial of the Easter Rising
    Last year on Earth Day we sang the Digger’s Song and I promised not to come again unless it was with a jackhammer. Here I am with no jack hammer. So it was at best a hope deferred or at worst a false promise. In any case a defeat.
  • Sober Living for the Revolution: The Song
    In 2010, PM Press published the book Sober Living for the Revolution: Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge, and Radical Politics. Now the Australian hardcore punk band Rebirth has released a song by the same name.
  • Fairness Hearing Takes Place on Abusive NYPD Spying
    Federal Judge Charles S. Haight heard oral comments Tuesday in what was referred to as a “Fairness Hearing.” The hearing, which was open to any New York City resident or organization concerned about NYPD spying, stemmed from two clas...
  • Capitalism Is Organized Crime – Meet the Victims
    In spite of substantially increased productivity, the growing income gap is pushing greater numbers of people into marginality and poverty in the First World, as capitalism’s neoliberal age quite literally destroys lives and kills people.

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