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Using Racist Memorabilia to Teach Tolerance on Truthout

"Understanding Jim Crow contains images of racist book covers, cereal and soapboxes, dishes, endless sets of postcards, greeting cards, records, minstrel joke books and sheet music, and other examples of racist memorabilia. However, it is Pilgrim's thoughtful and passionately told story that makes the book more than just another, albeit unique, history of US racism. Essentially, the book is about Pilgrim's dedication to turning garbage collecting into tools for teaching about racism...

The mission and tagline of the Jim Crow Museum is deceptively simple: "Using Objects of Intolerance to Teach Tolerance." Unfortunately, the production of racist caricatures of Black people did not end with the Jim Crow era. "Blatantly racist objects," like shooting targets depicting Trayvon Martin, were sold in the aftermath of his murder in 2012, Pilgrim points out. There is still much work to be done."—Bill Berkowitz, Truthout

Solidarity Unionism: A Review in Waging NonViolence

"Lynd also encourages the formation of what he calls “parallel central labor councils” which are groups of workers in an area from different workplaces that provide solidarity to each other in their struggles. Lynd cites several examples of rank-and-file worker controlled solidarity initiatives in Youngstown in the 1980s, such as the Workers’ Solidarity Club, which provided picket line support and organizing assistance, as well as hosted educational and social events.

Given that almost 90 percent of U.S. workers are non-union, there is certainly a great opportunity to build a large solidarity union movement of the kind Lynd outlines" —
Eric Dirnbach, Waging NonViolence


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The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book in Bust Magazine!

Check out Bust Magazine this month where The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring book is featured as part of the article: 7 Grown-Up Coloring Books That Will Keep You Busy This Winter

"For the out and proud: Artist Jacinta Bunnell collaborated with illustrator Leela Corman on the good-humored, The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book."—Bust Magazine


“With beautifully rendered moments of Queer life, The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book offers over fifty pages of inked and framed line drawings and typography for folks of all ages, a tool for education and inspiration.”
—Cristy C. Road, author and illustrator of Spit and Passion

Buy The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book

JJ Wilson's Damnificados in the Wall Street Journal

"The unlikely gathering in J.J. Amaworo Wilson's gonzo speculative novel "Damnificados" is of hundreds of mendicant "nonpeople" who have occupied an abandoned skyscraper. The premise comes from the amazing reports out of Caracas, Venezuela, of an unfinished office tower taken over by squatters. But in Mr. Wilson's fantastical version, set in the invented slum of Faveleda, the poor are as diverse and polyglot as the crew of Melville's whaling ship: "A salmagundi of every street dog that ever raised its nose and sniffed the wind: the shoeshine boys, the hookers, the addicted and the lame. They come in rags, burqas, combat pants, in patchwork suits and miniskirts. Stetsons, pork pie hats, bowlers, beanies, turbans, pakols and patkas." —Sam Sacks, Wall Steet Journal

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    The Big Gay Alphabet is terrific and fun!Each letter brings a unique perspective into the lives of LGBTQ individuals.  It is playful, inquisitive, and a great conversation starter.
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    First some praise: over the past couple of years, PM Press has published revised and expanded editions of my Edgar Allan Poe Award-nominated series of crime novels featuring Ecuadorian-American investigator, Filomena Buscarsela.

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